[twsocket] ICS with FPC

Tony Caduto tony.caduto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 00:44:41 GMT 2016

It compiles with  version 5  (2005-07) and only if you include the units
and create objects and events manually.

With Delphi being sold and what not and considering how expensive it is
fully supporting Lazarus even if Windows only would be a huge advantage for
everyone who has ever used ICS.   Frankly we should all simply stop using
Delphi, I did it back in 2012 and only use Lazarus.  If we all stop using
it the component vendors will take notice and support Lazarus and FPC.
On Feb 28, 2016 4:35 PM, "Éric Fleming Bonilha" <eric at digifort.com.br>

> Dear ICS team
> Does ICS supports FreePascal?
> I've seen from the include file that some work has been done in the past to
> make it compatible with FreePascal but maybe that was old work.
> I would like to know if you have any plans to support Lazarus and
> FreePascal?
> We are now starting to worry about the future of Delphi since the sale to
> Idera and departure of their main chief Cientist Allen Bauer.
> We are considering our options for the future development of our products
> and the clear path would be Free Pascal.
> I'm in fact very impressed with the compiler itself, but a bit letdown by
> Lazarus IDE. Hopefully in the future FPC/Lazarus would catch up with Delphi
> should it end.
> Thanks!
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