Ftp Component not ready

DCC dcc at bernyr.de
Sun Dec 11 14:11:16 UTC 2005

FtpClient1->ConnectionType = ftpDirect;
FtpClient1->HostName = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (existing server address)
FtpClient1->Port = 21 (is every time this port, "ftp" dosn't work on 
some pc's)

The client is a Windows(XP,2000)-PC.
The host is a small linux-busybox.
Local networks only (switched or crossover).

The FTP-Connection in my freeware application works without problems on 
99% of all users (more then 10.000).
1% cannot use the application wih the following symptoms:

- every time comes "FTP component not ready"!
- all other FTP-Applications (TotalCommander, WS-FTP etc.) works fine on 
this systems!!!!!

Since a lot of weeks I'm searching a solution for this problem - without 
success. Now I hope, anybody have a hint to help for this 1% trouble-users.

Bernd Roeske

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